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Spiderman 1

♣   ABOUT   ♣

Thanks to the bite of an irradiated spider, budding boy genius Peter Parker suddenly finds himself turned into a superhuman with the powers of a spider. The rest is comic book history. As the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man, Parker has been entertaining legions of fans for 40 years through a string of comic book titles and animated series. If the Spider-Man game is any indication, the general love affair with all things Spidey burns as brightly as ever.

Originally developed by Neversoft, the developer behind the hit Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, Spider-Man first swung its way onto the PlayStation, and soon leapt to the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Dreamcast. Now the third-person action-adventure game has come to the PC to make true believers out of computer gamers. Along the way, though, it run into a few snags that often dampen the game more entertaining aspects.



Processor= 733 MHz
RAM= 128 MB
Graphics Card= 32MB


☺Not Needed☺



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